Soulful Connections Women's Circle Gathering facilitated by Fiona 18/04

Soulful Connections Women's Circle Gathering facilitated by Fiona 18/04


Date : Sun 18 April 2021

Time : 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Location : Solace & Soul Studio - Shed 1 / 2B Holmes St, Ballarat Central VIC 3350, Australia

  • This is your sacred time to nourish your soul as you are held in a safe and sacred circle experience.


    This supportive circle is designed to encourage self-reflection and self exploration by connecting to your own intuition and inner wisdom, as well as connecting with like-minded women, sharing openly without judgement, without comparison or without apologising (especially for those things that are simply apart of the human experience).


    You will be supported to express yourself freely in a deeper more meaningful way. We all have our stories to share and a unique path that we are walking, so this is not a place for ‘fixing’ but rather allowing, honouring and understanding ourselves, others and life from a more heart-centered awareness.


    When we gather collectively in circle it provides support for healing, a deeper connection to ourselves & others, a resonance within our stories and the opportunity to truly be seen and heard. It also invites present awareness, improved well-being and a greater sense of community and belonging.


    I will be weaving various ritual and ceremonial elements throughout our time together, including crystal energy, essential oils, oracle card guidance (collective and individual), group sharing and personal introspection, intention/release and meditation or mantra to help you connect more deeply with your Self.


    Delicious herbal tea and nibbles provided.