New Moon Ritual + Candle Crafting Experience.

New Moon Ritual + Candle Crafting Experience.



Location : Solace & Soul Studio - Shed 1 / 2B Holmes St, Ballarat Central VIC 3350, Australia

  • This self-explorative and creative gathering uses the art of crafting and the magic of gathering in sacred space to help you connect more deeply to yourself and your desires.


    I will be taking you through the process of crafting your very own sacred infused ritual candle; intuitively selecting different crystals, botanicals and other symbolic elements that energetically and vibrationally enhance the intentions you set for yourself, and to help keep you feeling connected, nurtured and inspired, following our time together.


    This gathering has been designed to encourage self-reflection and self-exploration by tapping into your own inner wisdom as well as connecting with like-minded women, sharing openly while you are supported to express yourself freely and in more meaningful ways.


    We all have our stories to share and a unique path that we are walking, this is an opportunity for you to honour yourself, others and life with deeper understanding, and from a more heart-centered awareness.


    I truly believe time spent in circle, along with intuitively creating something by hand, provides nourishment for the soul, support for healing, a deeper connection to ourselves & others. There is such beauty, power and a gentle softening that comes from allowing ourselves to be seen, heard and witnessed in a fuller capacity.


    I will be weaving various ritual and ceremonial elements throughout our time together, including crystal energy, essential oils, oracle card guidance (collective and individual), group sharing and personal introspection, intention/release and meditation or mantra to help you connect more deeply with your Self.


    This will be a soul enriching and sacred afternoon, one that fills up your cup, as you share in sacred ritual and enjoy delicious herbal tea and treats.


    If you have any questions please connect, otherwise I hope to see you there.


    Fiona xx