The Latest Solace Studio Space.

Back in late November of 2020, we began the renos for the newest Solace Studio Space. We started clearing away the space and got to work with our warehouse conversion.

There is something magical about turning unappealing spaces into something wonderful. I have always seen potential in the most run down of places, transforming them and giving them new energy and life.

It's never about making them perfect, rather intentionally weaving the imperfections in as though they belonged there all along.

I wanted this space to be remedy for the soul, keeping a raw and unpolished feel to this studio giving homage to it's warehouse roots, and in some ways a reflection of our own beauty, despite the imperfections that come with our humanness.

I'm super excited how she's turned out and I can't wait for the many magical moments that will transpire from this space <3

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