Snippets from our New Year Ritual + Crystal Grid Crafting Experience.

Updated: Feb 13

What a wonderful afternoon gathered with a bunch of incredible women for our crystal grid experience, and such a powerful way to enter into 2021 + welcoming in new beginnings for our newest Solace Studio Space.

Let's be honest, 2020 has been one crazy year! We have all endured our own unique set of challenges, and our nervous systems have been left feeling a little worn out, as we rode the waves of last years turn of events.

As the unsettling feelings of 2020 began to ease, I wanted to gently re-emerge and transition into the new year with a more tender approach.

Offering a gathering that provided an opportunity to create the space required to plant new seeds of opportunity and possibility.

Journeying into the heart, connecting to intuition and by combining the energy of crystals with sacred geometry, creating a mirror for the soul, activating and alchemising the energy we desired to call forth and encompass in 2021.

This gathering was designed to be a beautiful, immersive and healing process, rather than focusing on resolutions, goals, five year plans or need-to-achieve lists. I wanted to dive into deeper soul desires by anchoring to our own inner wisdom, and mapping out our year by the way we desired to FEEL throughout.

This experience was the gateway between leaving one uncomfortable experience and entering the new realm of opportunity that await. Having a divinely channeled art piece that became a sacred and powerful blueprint to keep with us as our guiding light throughout the year.

I absolutely love that moment when intuition is activated and everyone is deeply immersed in the creative process. I am honoured to have shared this experience with such incredible women and I look forward to witnessing all the magic that 2021 shall bring.

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