From Kindred to Solace

Updated: Feb 13

The Journey.

When I first had the vision for Kindred + Create, it was big and exciting! I wanted a place for the community to come and share in different experiences, connecting with like-minded folk, a place to learn and discover something new.

The opportunity to bring the visions to life presented, this little shack was ready to be transformed. She needed a LOT of love, but had plenty of potential. We (hubby and I) spent the first half of 2019 taking the steps to action this space into reality and after 6 full months of renovations, we were in awe of her tangible form.

On August 1st 2019, I opened her doors and welcomed this new chapter.

Since then, I’ve witnessed some of the most incredible and profound magic transpire because of this space, and I’m beyond blessed and grateful for all that’s unfolded here so far.

Over the last year, there has been an incredible growth and expansion happening, a lot of people interested in using and creating in the space, people desiring to share their own talents and gifts with the community, which was everything I hoped and envisioned for Kindred + Create.

This led me to plan the renovations for the next few spaces (including a larger space) which are adjacent the current studio. There was excitement and the future of Kindred + Create seemed to be laid out in front of me.

Before we were able to start putting anything into action, we were thrown into corona virus lock down. My priorities shifted to my hubby, children and home life, which was fine, as I very much intended on returning in full swing when circumstances allowed.

When the restrictions began to ease, I came back and ran a few circles, which is exactly what the soul needed after time in isolation.

Then, July came and I felt it was time to dive back into my big plans and so I began to prep the next space, ready to bring the next part of my vision to life.

Just as we were about to forge ahead, and before putting everything we had into this next stage, I needed to make sure my lease agreement allowed me to carry out my vision of having others use the space!

Well, that’s when I was suddenly faced with a contract technicality that blew my entire vision up in smoke (yup, thank you for

that mercury retrograde). I tried to play out different scenarios and see whether I could get around it, in order to carry on with my plans, but no matter which way I looked at it, I just wasn’t able to find a solution without going against my values, and so I soon realised that this was all simply beyond my control.

It was in this moment of surrender that things changed, I needed to pivot, to take a side step, to trust the new path that had already begun to pave its way. I started to see the signs and piece together different moments, realising how they had been leading me to this point all along. I sat with this new reality and pondered what this all meant for me personally, for the future of this space and for the community that had been created over the last year.

Inevitably things had to change, a restructuring was needed, and although some things will remain the same, the original vision of Kindred + Create which was to share and hire out the space, crumbled before me. All the sudden the essence of my vision changed and it no longer felt aligned to continue as Kindred + Create with the changes that were required.

I also realised (because hindsight is such a wonderful thing) that I became very separate from Kindred + Create, it became more about the physical space and when reflecting upon the year, I noticed just how much I struggled to receive, instead giving credit to ‘the space’, dismissing and playing small to my own innate abilities (why hello self-doubt! I see you!).

I see now, just how much Kindred + Create and the big visions I had for her, pushed me beyond my comfort zone, helped me overcome my fears, taught me a lot about myself, and made me stronger because of the experiences it brought.

It’s through the magic that came from holding space for others in circle experience, that helped me accept and lean into my own sovereignty.

I’m feeling even more connected to the soul medicine I’ve been called to share with the world, and I know this is certainly not a story of failure, but instead an intrinsic part of the journey.

So if you’ve made it this far..

this is the moment I arrived at Solace & Soul.

It’s not just a physical space, it’s me creating space, it’s all that I value and create for myself, and what I desire to share with others. It’s owning and honouring who I am and what I have to offer the world. It’s showing up in a larger capacity, rather than playing small and seeing the ‘space’ as being separate from myself.

When it comes to community and connection my values remain the same, so it’s important to create safe and comforting space (even beyond the physical) for you to be, to discover, to heal, and to grow.

I have a deep desire to bring people together and offer comfort to those in times of uncertainty, so I created Solace & Soul to be a sacred sanctuary, that sweet retreat, a safe and comforting place of refuge from a noisy chaotic world — one that nourishes your soul, provides supports for healing and brings you back to wholeness.

I will hold sacred space for you, facilitating a gentle and nurturing journey of returning home — guiding you back inward to your deepest self, and reconnecting you to the innate wisdom and knowing that you already hold within.

Working closely with other incredible facilitators is something that’s still important to me, but now it will be through intrinsically and intentionally woven collaborations and co-creations, so if you’re interested in working together with me in this way, please reach out!

I’m looking forward to sharing more sacred circle experiences and offerings with you, and connecting with you again in sacred space soon.

I hope you find here, the comfort, safety and solace your soul desires, and my deepest gratitude to you, for being a part of this journey.

Big Love Always, Fiona xx

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