Mama Blessing Ceremony & Circle - Honouring The Sacred Journey Into Motherhood.

Image by Neal E. Johnson

Time & Location


Time & Date to be Arranged - Please email for availability.

Solace & Soul Studio - Shed 1 / 2B Holmes St, Ballarat Central VIC 3350, Australia

About the Event


A Mama Blessing is a pre-birth celebration, a ceremony which focuses on gifting the mother to be, through simple yet beautiful ritual experience. It is a time when her closest female friends gather in circle to adorn her in love, support, empowerment and celebration. This normally takes place in the days or weeks leading up to her journey into birth.

A Mama Blessing can be organised by friends or the mother to be and held as an alternative to a traditional baby shower. It differs from a traditional baby shower as the focus is on the pregnant woman and giving her strength, love and encouragement, rather than being focused on the baby and present giving.

This ceremony is not exclusive to first time mothers, you can still have a Mama Blessing as every baby signifies a wonderous new journey into motherhood, that will bring lots of changes and new adventures. Sometimes it’s MORE important for the mother to know that even with a subsequent pregnancy, she is being nurtured by her loved ones, rather than assuming or expecting her to know what she’s doing and going it alone.


What to Expect


As a Mama Blessing is a women’s circle ceremony, we will be creating safe and sacred space to honour, acknowledge, celebrate, support and empower the mama to be. I am here to help facilitate a loving experience where an expectant mum can explore both the challenges and joys that lay ahead, as she approaches childbirth and motherhood.

We will be including ritual elements, such as cleansing, meditation, crystal energy, oracle guidance, group sharing and ritual crafting.

Each participant will be invited to speak beautiful and positive words to the expectant mother, to give her a blessing, a wish or a positive affirmation.

We will be stringing together a crystal bead bracelet for the mother to wear during her labour experience. Crystals hold strong energetic properties which will assist the mother and act as a reminder of the connection, support, love and encouragement within her close circle of women.

Each women will craft a sacred infused candle that can be used to light as the mother goes into labour. It is a powerful way for the circle of women to hold energetic space for the mother, sending sacred intention and good energy, as she goes through the birthing process.

Then of course there will be feasting. Eating together is a big part of a mama blessing, local catering can be organised by Solace & Soul, or alternatively your group may decide to ask each guest to ‘bring a plate' to share together.


Who to Invite


The birthing woman needs to advise which of her closest friends and family members she would like to attend this experience. Traditionally a Mama Blessing is a small and intimate group of only the closest women in her life. This is not like a baby shower where you generally invite your whole community.


A Mama Blessing is a powerful, nourishing and celebratory experience, and it allows the mother to be honoured and supported by her sacred community. If you love the idea of a Mama Blessing, either for yourself, for a friend or family member and want to share this wonderful experience with a mama to be, please connect below.

“Just as a tree grows best when it is anchored firmly in the Earth, so can a pregnant mother feel strong and capable when supported by a sisterhood of nurturing friends.” — April Lussier