Hey There, I'm Fiona!

It is here at Solace & Soul that I hold safe and comforting space for womxn to deepen their connection to Self and others through various soul enriching circle experiences and integrative offerings.

It is because of my deep desire to bring womxn together, offering comfort to those in times of uncertainty, that Solace & Soul was born; creating a supportive and sacred space to be, to discover, to heal, to grow.

I hold energetic space for womxn to express themselves openly and freely, in more meaningful ways. We all have our stories to share and a unique path that we are walking, so at Solace & Soul it is not about comparing or ‘fixing’ but rather allowing and honouring the full spectrum of our human experience, understanding ourselves, others, and life from a more heart and soul centered awareness.

It is a place where you can feel deep resonance, because sometimes it feels like we are navigating this life alone, but we are never truly alone in this world.

Solace & Souls’ purpose is to be a safe place to retreat to, a comforting place of refuge from a noisy and chaotic world — one that nourishes your mind, body, soul, and wellbeing back to wholeness.

I facilitate experiences that are intentional, gentle and nurturing, and I value the sacred that comes from gathering with others and sharing in ritual and ceremonial experiences that support self-enquiry, connection and healing.

Solace & Soul has been woven together with deep intention, big hopes and a lot of heart and soul, I hope you find here, the comfort, safety and solace that your soul desires.

I also love working creatively with others to offer a diverse range of gatherings and experiences to the Ballarat and greater community. If you desire to work with me through collaboration and co-creation, please get in touch.

I wholeheartedly believe in the profound magic that comes from time spent in sacred space, so I look forward to connecting with you in soul time soon and what an honour it is to share this space with you.

With Love, Fiona xx